Nudge Bars

4WD Accessories Direct manufactures 4×4 nudge bars to suit most makes and models, ideal for tradesmen to carry long lengths with the add-on of a H rack through to people wanting to dress up their 4WD or SUV. If you are looking for a nudge bar for sale then 4WD Accessories Direct can manufacture the nudge bar for you.

Made from  industrial-grade aluminium tubing with a wall thickness of 4.75mm thick.  Our SUV and 4×4 nudge bars are designed to not only improve the safety of your car in a frontal collision but will also improve the look of your vehicle.

If you are looking for expert nudge bar manufacturers in Brisbane, especially for 4×4 nudge bars, contact 4WD Accessories Direct now! We also have SUV and 4×4 nudge bars for sale.