Aluminium Ute Trays made in Brisbane

4WD Accessories Direct is the leading company among the ute tray manufacturers in Brisbane. 4WD Accessories Direct manufactures quality aluminium Ute trays and steel Ute tray bodies to suit all makes and models. We can also custom make Ute trays to suit your needs. Our tray bodies are made in-house at our Brisbane work shop.


  • 2.5 ton floor
  • One piece starter plank
  • 3″ tube headboard
  • Full length rope rail
  • Over center latches
  • Checker plate mud guards
  • Heavy duty coaming and starter planks
  • Rib floor
  • Flush mounted headboard
  • 225mm heavy duty drop sides

Choosing a ute tray manufacturer is an important choice as you want to ensure your your ute tray meets all your needs. If you are looking for ute tray manufacturers in Brisbane then chances are you live in Brisbane or the surrounding area. This means that you can easily arrange to come and speak to us in person to discuss the criteria you have in choosing a ute tray for sale or having a custom made ute tray manufactured in Brisbane.

We cater for both aluminium ute trays and steel ute trays. The design phase is key. Perhaps you have seen a steel ute tray for sale or had a look at one of our aluminium ute trays at our Brisbane location. Often the design phase is as simple as seeing what you want and saying I’ll have one of those please. However it is quite common for our customers to make personalised changes to their ute tray design. This is where communication is key. Talking to your ute tray manufacturer about your specific needs will ensure you are happy with your ute tray when you finally take delivery from our Brisbane location.