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Ladder Roof Rack Loved by Tradies and 4WD Enthusiasts

Traditionally, a ladder roof rack has been the domain of tradies. However their versatility and ability to be custom made have seen them become popular with all sorts of 4WD enthusiasts. Ladder roof racks are the racks you see on the roof of a car, the roof of a ute or the roof of any other 4WD vehicle. As the name ladder roof rack suggests, ladder roof racks have historically been used by tradespeople to carry ladders around on the roof of their vehicle but consumers have very quickly realised that a ladder roof rack has a lot of other uses.

Firstly let us look at the traditional use of ladder roof racks. Originally tradies would just tie ladders on to the roof of their vehicle or would have to use a truck to transport ladders. Always innovative, tradies soon adopted roof racks to go on the top of their vehicle to carry ladders. This was a much safer option and pretty soon tradies started tying on a whole range of materials to the roof racks. This gradually led to the demand for more versatile ladder roof racks and before long custom made ladder roof racks started appearing on the market. These days ladder roof racks can be seen in a whole range of lengths and ladder roof racks are customised to specific specifications.

Secondly if you are considering having a ladder roof rack made it is good to know what is available. The look of the ladder roof racks can be polished, satin or powder coated which means you can co-ordinate the look of your ladder roof rack with the look of your vehicle. Ladder roof racks can be made with steel or alloy depending on your needs. Ideally the thickness of your ladder roof rack should be quite thick for strength. 4.75mm is ideal. It is also handy to know that different diameters of ladder roof racks are available.

Thirdly it is good to consider the alternate uses of your ladder roof rack. Typically ladder roof racks are designed for 4WD vehicles so quite possibly you will also want to be heading off road on some sort of camping or driving adventure. With a little forward planning your ladder roof rack will be able to carry all sorts of useful items and will be strong and sturdy enough to allow your load to be safely secured.

The final consideration is when is the best time to install a ladder roof rack? The answer to this lies in preparation. Leaving the organising of your roof ladder rack until the day before your need it is not ideal. Instead have your roof ladder rack custom made well in advance. That way you will have the convenience of being able to transport ladders and other materials all year round. No longer are roof ladder rack the domain of tradies – today they are used by every day Mum’s and Dad’s for some family fun. Embracing a custom made made ladder roof rack will provide both practicality and fun for years to come.

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