What is the Real Purpose of 4×4 Nudge Bars? Safety versus Appearance

Nudge Bars for Sale

Nudge bar manufactures and 4×4 nudge bar manufacturers understand only too well that consumers are actually looking for both safety and appearance when they are considering the nudge bars for sale and making a considered decision about installing a nudge bar on their 4×4 or other vehicle. It is certainly possible to find a nudge bar manufacturer that has nudge bars for sale that provide both the security and safety of safe nudge bars as well as aesthetically pleasing nudge bars.

Typically nudge bar manufacturers install nudge bars on 4×4 vehicles or on utes that are used for work purposes but there is also a developing trend for recreational 4×4 drivers to install nudge bars on their vehicle. Nudge bars provide excellent protection in the event of a frontal collision as the nudge bar absorbs some of the impact, arguably saving lives and expensive panel damage. These are key considerations for commercial and recreational nudge bar installation. An experienced nudge bar manufacturer should be able to discuss these needs more fully with you.

The function and practicality of nudge bars are also key factors when looking at nudge bars for sale. It really comes down to individual preference and need. For tradespeople nudge bars are quite useful to help secure a load and carry long lengths, especially when used in conjunction with a H Rack. Fortunately nudge bar manufacturers can make nudge bars to suit all types of vehicles and makes including 4×4 nudge bars and ute nudge bars, so almost anyone can take advantage of the range of custom made nudge bars for sale.

Nudge bars are typically made from industrial-grade aluminium tubing with a typical wall thickness of 4.75mm. This provides both strength and durability. The aluminium tubing also looks pretty schmick and certainly dresses up the appearance of your vehicle.

As a side note nudge bars for sale are sometimes advertised as bull bars for sale. Historically bull bars have been used in rural areas where the possibility of hitting a bull on the open road is quite real. Bull bars are bigger than nudge bars and have been declining in popularity due to the questions raised about the safety for pedestrians on impact. As a result nudge bars have enjoyed higher popularity and sales.

Overall nudge bar manufacturers would observe that sales of nudge bars are generally made to customers who value both safety and appearance. Certainly there are consumers that install a nudge bar purely because they like the look of them, and there are also customers that only care about the added safety from a nudge bar, but the majority value both. The key is to talk carefully with your nudge bar manufacturer to make sure your nudge bar is everything you want them to be.

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