Aluminium Ute Trays Brisbane

4WD Accessories Direct specialises in steel and aluminium ute trays in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs.

Aluminium Ute Trays vs Steel Ute Tray Brisbane

If you are considering a new ute tray then most likely you will be asking yourself should I get a steel ute tray or aluminium ute trays? There are pros and cons of both and often it comes down to personal preference.
A major consideration is the weight of steel ute trays and also the weight of aluminium ute trays. A big argument in favour of aluminium ute trays is because they are lighter in weight they allow you to carry a greater load on the tray of your ute. This has obvious advantages both in terms of recreation and commercial applications. An aluminium ute tray will certainly allow you to pack everything including the kitchen sink when going camping or on an off road adventure. Commercially there is no problem adding the weight of heavy tools and machinery to your aluminium ute tray as your carrying capacity is increased changing a steel ute tray over to an aluminium ute tray. Just a word of caution if you do change over from a steel ute tray to an aluminium ute tray: the handling of your vehicle may be affected so please check your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines before proceeding.

Corrosion is another factor you need to consider when making the choice between an aluminium or a steel ute tray. Clearly in terms of corrosion aluminium ute trays come out the clear winner. Aluminium does not corrode, c a real benefit when considering the look and durability of your ute tray. If you are likely to take your vehicle onto the beach or live near the coast then aluminium ute trays could provide the solution you are looking for.

On the flipside, aluminium ute trays are not as strong as steel ute trays so if you are looking for strength, durability and the ability to cope with some hard yakka then a steel ute tray could be a much better choice for you.

Ute Trays Brisbane

Whether you are considering a steel ute tray or an aluminium ute tray a reputable manufacturer of ute trays will be able to custom make your tray to fit any vehicle. For example 4wd accessories direct manufacture aluminium and steel ute trays in house at their Brisbane workshop and can design steel or aluminium ute trays to suit all makes and models.. In addition a whole range of custom features are available to tailor make the floor of your ute tray to suit your needs, latches and rope rails to help secure your load to your ute tray and different patterns and surfaces to customise the look of either your steel ute tray or aluminium ute tray.

So the answer to which is best?The choice between steel ute trays or aluminium ute trays really depends on your personal needs. With careful consideration a steel or aluminium ute tray can really enhance both your commercial and recreational experience.

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